In the top right corner of your home dashboard you will find an empty avatar head with a drop down menu.  On the drop down menu you will find Settings.

1. Profile Avatar

Upload a square profile photo (1:1 height:width ratio).

2. Basic Profile Settings

Basic information, shouldn't take more than a minute to fill in.

*Make sure your timezone is set to where you are currently located.  You will see mentor's schedules based on YOUR settings.  If you move or are traveling, make sure you set this accordingly.  

3. Communication settings

Choose what communication tools you want to use.

4. Billing

In the settings area, select Billing

Enter your credit card details.  They will be saved and if you wish to add additional payment sources, that is possible as well.  

You are all set!  You can book a session with a mentor in 2 ways.

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